Fanfare Trumpet Team



We are pleased to announce an exciting new initiative which will give a new dimension to the band. This is THE TENBURY TEME VALLEY BAND FANFARE TRUMPET TEAM


The TENBURY TEME VALLEY BAND FANFARE TRUMPET TEAM can create dignity or impact to announce any occasion or personality.

Ideal for weddings, product launches, store openings, sporting events, award ceremonies, civic functions, banquets, corporate or private events, opening fetes and shows

the Fanfare Trumpet Team, performing a stately fanfare, will instantly command the attention of guests.


Dressed in distinctive smart uniforms and performing on traditional long silver trumpets, the presence of a fanfare team will make any occasion feel very special indeed.


The sight and sound of these instruments is quite spectacular. Quite often a composer will choose to add fanfare trumpets to music to enhance the sound or develop the theme. Either way, the sight and sound is often awe inspiring.


Listen out for our Fanfare Team and contact the band if you would like to hire them for that special event.